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Great Tips To Help You Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

Heating your home using a heater contribute to over 70 percent of energy consumption in your home. Most homeowners are not aware that it is easy to spend much on energy bills when it comes to heating their premises. Looking for an option is imperative instead of using a heater as this will help you to live in a heated building but at a reduced energy costs. Note that turning your thermostat down by one degree can cut down the energy bill up to ten percent. You will still enjoy the high temperatures in your home at a reasonable price if you decide to reduce the energy usage. You need to learn various tricks which will help to keep your room warm while saving energy at the same time.

You need to keep your curtains open as this will allow sunlight to enter thus giving natural warmth. It is vital to leave the curtains open during the day when there is sunlight and remember to close them when the sun disappears in the evening. Note that the warmth will escape through the window at night. Therefore, it is essential to use curtains as they have insulation properties which prevent the warmth from escaping thus keeping you and your family warm during the night. You need to invest in thermal windows to make sure that most of the heat remains inside the house at night.

Ensure that the oven door is open. Leaving an oven door open at summer is not right during summer but highly recommended during the cold season of the year. When you finish preparing your meal, you needs to leave the oven door open when it cools down, and the heat will spread in your room thus increasing the temperatures in the best way. You can spice up your home with the sweet aromas from the oven as well.

Make sure that you have modified the ceiling fan as one of the ways of maintaining the high temperatures in your premises. Such ideas may sound crazy at first, but they have excellent results. Note that during the summer season, the ceiling fan should rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. The ceiling fan rotation during summer will form wind effect which reduces the temperatures to the desired levels. However, it is prudent to change this rotation during winter, in that the rotation will keep increasing the heat inside the room. Doing this will maintain the heated air at ground levels instead of allowing it rise to the ceiling. There are different ways which you can use to keep your home warm without having to spend much on heating. Discover more by login to multiple sites which provide details about ways to heat your room.